Top 20 Free Online Classified Ads Websites

Free online classified ads websites are a great way to promote your programs if you have no budget for marketing. They can sometimes be time consuming depending on the requirements of the website you are using. They are well worth it though if you effectively target your prospects.

The 20 online classified ads websites listed below are not active links. Just copy and paste them in to another browser window when you are ready to check them.


A big key to success is to keep a schedule and regularly post your ads so they are fresh and will be viewed by more people. Keep your sentences short and to the point. It is better to offer information or something for free rather than blatantly or aggressively advertise.

Most of the free online classified ads websites have limits on the amount of text you can submit. It is best not to try and give readers everything about your program or product anyway. Ask thought provoking questions or somehow entice them to seek further details. Then you have an eager targeted visitor to your website or affiliate page where more information can be given.

Advertising sites go out of business or often change policies so we cannot verify every one of these listed is good anymore. We also don’t have time to constantly verify if they are still free either but at least this gives you a start. These free online classified ads websites are just a small sample of what is available. There are dozens of other websites that offer this service and new ones are starting all the time.

Many of these sites also offer paid advertising. We have not tested the paid advertising very much at these sites so we cannot say if it is worthwhile or not. Some of these sites also have MLM programs or affiliate programs and we are not recommending that you join any of them.

How did we choose these free online classified ads websites as our top 20 choices? We reviewed the traffic, page rank, and general popularity of numerous websites. We also compared the advertising results from ads we and others have posted. Results will vary considerably depending on what you are promoting and the quality of your ads. By experimenting and testing your ads you will become more and more skilled at using this free way to market.

Free online classified ads websites are a great way to market your products, services, affiliate programs, a home business, or a website.

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