Three More Money Ways to Follow Up With Sales Prospects to Get That Sale!

According to some research studies, it takes more than five contacts to close a sale. When you think of a contact, what immediately comes to mind? A telephone call would probably be a very common response. A follow-up with a sales prospect doesn’t always need to be a telephone call it can be an in-person visit, a thank you note or an industry article.

An In-Person Visit

What’s wrong with dropping by your prospect’s office? Some of you may say, “That’s too intrusive!” Well, of course, you would say that? If you’ve never visited your prospect’s office unannounced then what else should we presume? It’s like learning how to ride a bike when you’re young-it takes practice! And with practice, you get better and the motions of pedaling the bike become easier. Well, the same concept applies when you visit prospects at their office. The only words of wisdom here is to make sure that you walk-in your prospect’s office with a nice big smile and a positive attitude.

A Thank You Note

My big mantra is never to send a thank you to a prospect via email (or even clients for that matter). Yes, it happens, but more effect will always happen when you send a thank you note in the mail. Your note on paper means more than a note in digital form. A thank you note makes your prospect feel important. It’s genuine and helps to build credibility and trust.

Send Industry Articles

When you send an industry related article to your prospect it helps to build perception and rapport. Your actions let your prospect know that you really do listen and that you really do care. You are now perceived in a more positive light and you will be perceived as more of a consultative salesperson rather than as someone just pushing a product and/or service. Remember, when you send an article, take a high-lighter and circle a few points of interest. You may even want to write a short note and attach it to your article.

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