Advertising Your Local Business With Article Marketing

There is a free way to advertise your local business. This method targets only the people who are interested in what you have to offer, and nobody else. This method will work for virtually any product. It’s called article marketing. You simply provide expert advice in the form of short written articles that are very easy for a person to find online. When someone does an online search in your subject area, you want something you wrote to be one of the first things they find. It’s easy, almost effortless, and free.

Now, what if you don’t know how to write articles?

You do. Have you ever had a customer ask you a question? That question is the headline of the article.

Have you ever answered that question? The answer is the article itself.

Just make a list of the 20 most asked questions, about what you sell. Now make a list of questions customers should ask, but don’t. You may end up with a list of a few hundred questions. Now, simply answer the questions in a conversational way. Write like you talk. When you’re done, just make sure the spelling is correct, and you’re set.

Now, how does writing articles help you sell?

When people type in search words in their search engine, the local results tend to come up first. If the search words they type in are included in your article headline, your article will be one of the first things they see listed. You can then help the reader by giving them information they need to make a buying decision. And who are they going to buy from? Most likely you. Why? Because nobody else in your area has written an article to answer their specific question.

Now you aren’t just selling something, you’re an expert. You become the “Go To Guy” in your industry. Your article establishes you as an expert, but it also generates trust in dealing with you. It shortens the buying cycle.

Now, people going online are far more likely to be looking for information, than just looking to buy something, so your article has to inform them. this can’t just be a sales pitch. Your article must contain real information that they are looking for.

Every week I have several people come into my retail store to specifically buy from me, because they either read an article on the question they wanted answered, or they saw a video online that answered their question. This idea will help you whether you own a retail store, a business out of your home, a professional service, or any other kind of business. And no, you don’t have to be a writer.

Where do you send your articles so that people can find them? This article directory, that has hosted this article is certainly a start. Just do a search for “article directories” on Google. There is even article submission software that will submit the article for you. Just type in “Article submission software” and you’ll find several good ones.

Be sure, at the end of your article, to include a link to your business website. Links from relevant content, like your article help you in the search engine rankings. They also help the reader find you. This is called a resource box. Be sure to describe your business, and give your location, if you are trying to attract local business.

Trust me, this idea works.

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