What Title Should Wholesaling CEOs Put On Their Business Cards?

What’s the best title for owners of real estate wholesaling businesses to use on their business cards today?

While many may not even consider using business cards anymore in today’s high tech business environment they can still make for highly effective real estate marketing and lead generation tools for investors focused on wholesaling houses. However, how well they work and the ROI realized can depend a lot on business card design.

Putting aside all the debates about finishes, shapes, colors and sizes, one of the biggest questions and sticking points for those wholesaling houses today has to be what title to give themselves on their business cards.

Many love the power rush of starting their own new business and drool at the opportunity to put ‘Wholesaling CEO’ on their cards, while others that are a little less confident in their personal brand often opt for lower level titles. Plus, this always gives the illusion of having someone else to blame if things go sideways, or at least the impression that the company might be bigger than it is, or that there are other more experienced pros behind the scenes.

It is important to watch out for laws when crafting your job title in the real estate industry today. Those that have real estate licenses may be legally obligated to disclose their titles. On the other side of the coin in states like New York recent court rulings have made it illegal to give people lofty corporate titles which they don’t actually deserve.

This has driven a trend in all types of wild titles being used on real estate business cards recently. So perhaps the core question is what title won’t sound too uppity or confusing? Though if you are the business owner then you certainly shouldn’t be ashamed to claim it.

When really giving it some thought and for those that want to stand out perhaps there is no need to put a title on your wholesaling business’ cards at all. Maybe there is no need for a phone number, email address or even your personal name!

What’s the point of the card anyway? What’s the card supposed to do to you? What results do you really want? Do you just want something to hand out when asked to look professional? Ned something to trade at networking events? Do you really want unqualified prospects and their friends calling you and tying up your phone lines and wasting your time or getting upset when you don’t respond to their direct emails fast enough?

Or would you prefer to just drive them to your wholesaling website or landing page?

If this is your goal then pretty much everything above is just a distraction and can take prospects and you further from your ultimate goals. So how about just a web address or social URL? This way they’ll have to help push up the tally on your web traffic and get pre-qualified before talking to you. Done right this strategy can even be used to seriously boost Facebook likes too.

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