What Is Online Banner Advertising?

Banner ads are text and pictures that are placed on high traffic web sites. When you click on a banner ad, it sends you to the advertised web site. They are largely anchoring or branding devices just like a jingle on a radio- when you hear the jingle over and over; you eventually develop awareness of the business or its product. Most banner ads are generally not designed to generate immediate click-through but to be an awareness and anchoring device.

Instead of placing a traditional focus on the demographics (gender, age, income etc.), banner ads let you narrow and hence intensify your target audience to people who have an acute intellectual interest in your product. It is a form of Psychographic Internet marketing when you promote your website with a banner ad on a high-traffic website that has content related to the product or service you sell.

For instance, if you sell car parts, you would want to run banner ads on high-traffic sites where people browse to know about automobiles because they are likely to have an interest in your products and hence visit our site. A common banner ad package might consist of 100,000 impressions. CPM (cost per thousand) can be from $20 to $100 per thousand impressions.

Ad placement significantly effects the response rates.

A home page may get the most traffic, but placing an ad deeper within the site might provide a more targeted audience. Here are some tips that will be useful when designing banner ads: There are retail software stores that offer inexpensive software packages dedicated solely to banner creation. You can also download banner ad design shareware from the Internet. When designing banners, keep them between 5 and 20K. The faster your banner loads, the more likely it will be seen. Animated banners are more effective than static banners at generating click-through. You should use ALT attribute in the image tags of your banners since many people surf with images turned off.

The ALT attribute will describe the content of the banner and can bring people to your site, even if they cannot see the image. There should be a balance between being too creative and not-creative-enough. Using prompt phrases like, “Click here!” or “Find out more!” and eye-popping graphics makes the banner more appealing. Do measure the success of your banner ad campaign by checking your log files for click through rates from your banner(s). Adjust your campaign when and where necessary- change placements, rework the content banners or images.

Online Banner Advertising is an art that once perfected will definitely give your business that extra edge and you will thereby generate revenues from a different advertising source along with your traditional ways of advertising.

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