Web Site Copy Writing Vs Sales Page Copywriting

When you are writing copy for a website, it is not the same thing as writing sales copy but it does have some of the same elements. 

All of the copy on the site will serve a purpose of some sort.  It must engage the interest of the reader so that they don’t simply close your page, first of all and then all the copy must be written to subtly guide the reader towards taking some sort of action. 

That action may be to buy a product or it could be to get them to subscribe to a newsletter – whatever it is, the copy should clearly move readers towards that goal.

With copy for a site, however, there are some considerations that you normally wouldn’t have to think about with a sales page.  The main thing is that you must not only write for the readers but you also must take into consideration the search engines. 

You must ensure that the site will come up in the search engines when people are looking for your topic.  That means you need to know exactly what people are typing into the search box and make sure you use those phrases, or keywords, in your copy. 

Some of the elements that will hold true for both sales copywriting and web site copy writing is the way you make it easy to read.  In both types of copy, you will want to use plenty of subheadings to separate the various topics. 

This makes it easier to scan just for the important points which is how many people read on the computer screen.  Bullet points are often used for the same purpose – they make it easy for people to immediately grasp the most important points. 

As you can see, web site copy writing and sales page copywriting utilizes many of the same elements for both style and purpose. 

The key difference would be in the ability to ensure that the web site shows up in the search engines so the information is found by those who need and want it.

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