Small Business Internet Marketing Tips

Small business internet marketing is when you promote and try to sell your product or service on the internet. Marketing your company on the internet is very simple, but there are a variety of tasks involved in developing a successful marketing strategy. It’s not about putting up banner ads and graphics. Developing a online presence is about presenting good, quality information. When done right, your business will flourish and you can have an enjoyable career. There are a variety of ways to market your small business on the internet. We will go over four marketing strategies, Pay Per Click(PPC), Press Release/Ezine Marketing, Comment Marketing, and Social Website Marketing.

Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC is the process of signing up with large traffic sites and putting an advertisement on their site. You get charged a set amount each time a visitor to the site clicks on your ad. You will compete against other advertisers for a particular phrase or keyword. This strategy is guaranteed traffic. People want to come to your site or they would not have clicked on the ad. PPC is great at obtaining feedback for your business. PPC is a professional tool that tracks each ad and how well it is working. PPC is simple, its quick and cheap. PPC is a great tool for small business owners regardless if you are a web based businesses or a brick and mortar store. Don’t forget to sign up with your local phone company. Local customers will find you online now because its faster then pulling out the huge phone book they send to your front door. PPC is attracting new businesses everyday. PPC is not going anywhere any time soon. With the way it is going right now, PPC advertising will one day be the majority of listings on all sites. PPC is flexible as it allows for guaranteed placement of your ads without requiring any web site changes. PPC is an easy way for any business to generate lots of traffic and promotion.

Press Release/Article Marketing

Press releases and article marketing are similar in some ways. They both promote your organization and its products. Essentially you write an article/press release about your product or service and submit it to article or press release sites that send your information across the internet. For the most part you can get this done for free. There are a lot of sites that can be easily found with a quick search. Sending releases and articles frequently works effectively as a marketing tool. You can use this internet marketing strategy again and again to build your small business. It is a quick and easy way to get your company noticed.

Comment Marketing

Comment marketing is a little known tool that when used properly can promote a website all over the internet for free. This is one strategy that needs to be enforced. Pretty much how this marketing concept works is you find sites over the internet that are like yours and you leave a comment about something they wrote and put a link back to your site in the comment section. If the site you are leaving a comment on get’s a lot of traffic your site will be get a link from the search engines. You also have the opportunity to have that sites visitors click on your link too. If you are a small business owner, you should get in the habit of doing this every time you are on a site you read for pleasure or business.

Social Website Marketing

Social website marketing is becoming very popular. This is the practice of making a account with a social website such as myspace or Facebook and making a page about your small business. Some sites will not allow you to do this, but there are ways around it. Make your own personal page and put links to your business website from it. Get your friends to put links to your business or start a group that is all about your product. Its very simple to do. Make sure you stay within the sites guidelines. A lot of larger companies are asking their employees to put links to the companies website on their personal site. It helps with free traffic and the search engines like links. Make this apart of your internet presence and you will see results in traffic and sales.

The four internet marketing strategies are unique in their own way. PPC is the only one that costs any money, and the best part is that you pay as you go. Article Marketing/Press Releases, Comment Marketing, and Social Website Marketing are cheap and effective ways to get your company noticed. Small business owners should include all of these internet marketing strategies to get their business up and running.

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