Realtor Marketing – Adopt the 12 Step Internet Marketing Plan to Make More Sales

Have you been intending to put in an internet marketing program for your realty business?

Have you been overwhelmed at all the information available and found it hard to figure out exactly what to do?

To help you get started, this article gives you the key steps of an online real estate marketing program.

If you are a Realtor getting ready for the spring thaw in the real estate market, then now is the time to get started putting in place the latest internet marketing methods:

– Identify & Clarify your Niche Target Market

– Research the Best Search Term Keywords Used In Google

– Put the Best Keywords on every page of your website

– Increase your search engine rankings by building external links to your site

– Add a great email capture system on each page of your website

– Set up an automatic email & newsletter follow-up system

– Place both free and paid advertisements in the right places

– Set up a blog and write on it several times each week

– Identify and join some good real estate forums and contribute regularly

– Set up accounts and become active on Twitter and Facebook

– Make some real estate marketing videos and upload to your Own YouTube Channel

– Generate online and offline publicity with press releases and special events

If you do all of these things in this order you will have in place an internet marketing program that will give you new fresh leads every week.

Thanks to internet marketing, this could be your best year ever for real estate sales!

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