Internet Marketing Is The Key To Longevity – See Why

Internet marketing covers a broad scope of online businesses. Below is a list of internet marketing business models:

* Pay per click advertising

* banner ads

* e-mail marketing

* affiliate marketing

* interactive advertising

* search engine marketing

* Blog marketing

* Article marketing

* forum marketing

* Niche marketing

Marketers would like to get the best ROI possible for their marketing investment. The fact is that marketing ROI is sometimes hard to track the penny.

Over 72% of the Internet’s search traffic is requested through Google. That being said, Internet marketing starts with Google and their search bots criteria for returning search engine results.

The popularity of your website is one major factor in how successful your marketing campaign will be. Whether you are marketing from other avenues such as Google AdWords or Adsense; when the individual pulls up your website, they will need to be interested in your content.

Pay per click can be tracked by conversion rate and other tracking tools provided by the advertising company.

Many companies specialize in implementing Internet marketing strategies and Search Engine Optimization services, which both are closely related. If you have a budget that will allow you to hire a marketing or SEO firm I suggest you do so because it will allow you to concentrate on your website content.

Since the first goal of marketing is to increase, the visibility of a product how you decide to do so is paramount.

I started with Google AdWords and made no money. Google AdWords for me was a pay per sale Internet marketing strategy in which I soon found I did not have all the information I needed to be successful.

I had an unfocused website with a theme but no valuable content. I researched how important website content was to marketing, and then a light went off. I began to not only focus my content but target my audience.

My Internet marketing research took me to several forums and expert SEO websites. To be a successful online marketer you have to learn how search engines evaluate website content. Search engine marketing plays a major role in website traffic generation.

Another important factor in marketing is generating backlinks to your website. Although backlinks or sometimes-called inlinks or inbound links are a form of Search Engine Optimization, it has a direct effect on marketing. Backlinks are the number of websites that have your URL listed within their content. Search Engines use this information to determine how popular your website is. The more popular your website is the better your chances of higher page rank. Create backlinks only to websites relevant to yours.

A popular high-ranking website will get more traffic, which will draw, in higher revenue from marketing campaigns.

I learned that Keyword and Keyword phrase search volume was not as important as quality themed content. Themed content includes but is not limited to keeping your entire site relevant to one topic. Straying away from your site theme can confuse search engine robots and visitors’ it could also effect how your website will be ranked with search engines’.

Search engine ranking plays an important role in Internet marketing but it is not the only factor to success. Google gives detailed instructions on their website on how to optimize for high page rank.

If your website is created from a broad keyword term or phrase, you will allow yourself the ability to create Niches out of subcategories of that term. The aforementioned will give you the ability to attract several segments of one broad market.

A website about Golf can set up a separate directory within the website that markets Golf clubs, Golf gloves, Golf shoes, etc.

Some people chose only to cover one segment or Niche (also known as Niche marketing).

Attempting to cover every segment of a keyword term or phrase can slowly allow a website authority status on a particular subject (as long as the content is of quality and the link structure is correct).

Email marketing explains is self-explanatory. Although it has been widely used for spam by those who obtain your email address without your consent email marketing is very effective when done properly.

Companies like Aweber communications inc. of Newton, PA allow its customers to set up email campaigns with verified opt-in. For instance; on our home page we offer you the opportunity to sign up to our newsletter, when you sign up you have opted in meaning you give us permission to send you email. Those on the email list have the opportunity to opt-out via a link that is attached to every email they receive. The cool thing about Aweber is that they make it easy for anyone with a website to setup an email campaign.

Through email marketing, you either are able to further your website marketing strategy by marketing products directly or by sending, them back to your website were you then market the product. I personally prefer the later…

Forum marketing is effective but does take some time as does most marketing strategies. With forum marketing you become a member to forums relevant to your website and participate with substantive posts as much as possible keeping your website link in your signature.

Forum marketing does two things; one, it can allow you to attract visitors to your website (if your posts lead them) and two, it creates backlinks when your URL is in your signature.

Viral marketing is exactly what it sounds like; a virus. It combines many types of marketing strategies such as video, banners ads, email, fax, pod cast, word of mouth, etc.

If you market anything long, enough you will become a viral marketer.

Article marketing does two things also, one creates an interest in your website and backlinks. On the other hand, if your articles are “garbage” then it will only create backlinks. Those that market via articles do so by writing about information relevant to their Internet business and submitting each article to as many article directories as possible. Many people search article directories for information of interest. Search engines also crawl article directories. It can take up to six months to see the results of article marketing campaigns.

Article marketing has been made easier with the numerous auto submission software on the market. Although there are many article databases that do not except articles from auto submitters there are still thousands that do.

It would be in every “webmasters'” best interest to ad article marketing to their marketing campaigns.

Although a combination of Internet Marketing, strategies are important to generate traffic to your website, once the search engines favor your website and your articles attract visitors, you will be able to market almost anything relevant to your website content.

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