How to Pick an Internet Marketing Search Engine Specialist

There are several aspects to consider when choosing an Internet Marketing search engine specialist. In this article I am going to go over a few aspects you should consider and ask when interviewing or looking to hire a search engine consultant.

Today it is vital for you to gain an advantage in the search engines, that you find an SEO expert that can help you formulate a specific game plan to increase your rankings.

Google now dominates over 70% of the searches going on, but there is much more to consider than just Google. Today, you must be concerned about video marketing, social media and ongoing press releases when looking to market online.

As an example, Facebook now has over 500 million users according to Nielsen. That is almost 1/12 of the planet. A well rounded search engine optimization plan must include many facets, and quite frankly, there are few search engine optimization experts who are up to the tasks of building out such a campaign.

There are several other factors to consider before generating a search engine optimization plan:

1. Who is your target market?

2. Where are they? Local or global?

3. What do they want?

4. What are they searching for?

5. How are they searching for you?

6. What are your competitors doing?

7. What are they not doing?

8. How competitive is your market?

These are all very important questions to be answered when hiring an SEO search engine specialist. They must be able to do a formal in-depth analysis of your market and be able to answer the questions above with your help.

This lays the groundwork for devising a specific tailor made plan that will be effective for your company. Without knowing the above answers, I would be shooting in the dark as to how to increase your search engine rankings effectively.

You should know, that hiring a SEO expert and devising a search engine internet marketing strategy is typically not going to be inexpensive. There will be some who will offer you cheap prices, but I would be very leery of what their background and abilities are.

You see, the marketplace on the internet is quickly evolving and what worked last year, may not be effective this year. Our company spends well over 30% of our time in research and discovery. It is a necessary costs of doing business in the SEO field.

Here are some other things you should consider when looking to hire an SEO specialist:

1. How experienced are they?

2. What successes have they had in the past?

3. What components will the search engine strategy include?

4. Do they have SEO writers?

5. Are they proficient in WordPress? (WordPress is key to excellent rankings)

6. Do they have competing clients already in this market (big mistake)

7. How do they determine the benchmark for ROI?

There are many more aspects to picking out the right SEO expert to work with. This article has laid the foundation for you to be able to make the right choice when developing your search engine internet marketing strategy. Do your due diligence when looking to hire, and I recommend hiring an internet marketing consultant to help you in the hiring process that is outside of this company you are looking at to assist you in making sure you hire the right SEO expert to help your company.

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