How to Be More Efficient

We have all heard that time is money right? Well if that’s true then I got to thinking that the more quality business building activity I can squeeze into a small amount of time the better. I’m sure you have noticed how someone who is experienced at something makes it look effortless. I mean anyone who has more experience than you can make you look like a fool at what seems to be the most meaningless task. My 6 year old does it to me on Xbox all the time.

I’ll give you an example: if you have ever seen the show undercover boss where the CEO’s of companies go undercover to work as an employee for a week or so. It never turns out to well for the CEO, (the person making in a month what the employee makes in a year). The CEO struggles at things as simple as checking people out at a cash register. This is not because the CEO is stupid it is simply because they don’t have the experience that the employee has. The employee has become so EFFICIENT that they could do the job in their sleep.

Proper planning is what you need to become more efficient. If you plan your specific daily business building activities (make sure they are business building activities) on a calendar and do those things consistently you will eventually become more efficient and get more done is a shorter amount of time.

Track & Field was my passion when I was younger. I was a collegiate track athlete and coached junior high track for years. So I am really into time a speed and efficiency. My mentor Adam Chandler told me that I should plan what I was going to do, set a timer and work on that task for that specific amount of time. This works really well because it keeps you focused, it will keep you from getting distracted by everything on the internet. It is also like a race to see how much you can get done in that amount of time. It makes it more fun, to me at least. It also ensures that you are not neglecting other priorities, such as your family. If you continually try to work at getting as much quality done as you can in two hours or whatever time you decide then you will become more EFFICIENT.

So if you can write a 500 word article, connect with 10-15 people on Facebook, shoot a quick video, post your content all over the internet and comment on blog posts in 2 hours everyday and someone else has only written an article, HOW ARE YOU DOING? Well I would say you are doing very well my friend. So get out there and practice everyday and you will get better.

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