Demographic Targeting For Advertising Banners

The last piece of the puzzle in target marketing for advertising banners is demographic targeting. In simple marketing terms, demographic targeting is defining your target audience based on their age, gender, occupation, household income, location, ethnicity and education level. Demographic targeting together with contextual, placement and behavioral targeting will help you run an effective banner ad campaign.

Third Party Research

Demographic targeting depends largely on being able to not only identify who the demographic is for your banner ad, but also where they hangout online. Many companies turn to third party research companies such as comScore or Nielsen to help them gather this valuable information.

Tailor the Message of Your Advertising Banner

Once you have your demographic audience defined and you know where they go online, you can start tailoring the message of your banner ad to directly speak to your demographic audience. It is important with such targeting that you study your web site statistics and your conversion rates on a regular basis to make sure that you continuously keep your banner ads fresh and tailored to the correct demographics.

Google AdWords and MSN AdCenter

Some ad networks such as Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter have begun to recognize the importance of demographic targeting in online banner advertising. At Google, you can request to show your banner ads to a specific gender, age group, income level and ethnicity, while at Microsoft you can define your demographic target by age and gender.

Bringing it all Together

The more you define your targets for your online banner advertising, the more click throughs and conversions you will actually make, which is the ultimate goal. In short, combining all the forms of targeting for your online banner ads will enable you to narrow down your scope and seek out those potential customers that will actually convert to customers.

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