Company ID Badge Machine

Company ID badge machines are a great solution for companies with medium to large staff sizes. These machines offer you the ability to design, customize and print your own employee ID badges and security badges. These machines not only work great for companies, but they are also a great option for conventions, seminars, schools and special events.

One of the first pieces of equipment that you will need if you want to produce a lot of employee name badges is a desktop card printer. These printers are designed for handling thicker papers and plastic card blanks. They also offer higher printing resolutions and special printing options, like hologram imprinting.

To design and operate your company ID badge machine, you will need special ID design software. This software will offer the design tools needed to create a professional looking ID badge. It will also allow you to add special security features to your name tags like bar coding.

If you plan on creating photo identification cards then you will also need to buy an image capturing system. Usually this is a digital camera that can be tied into your computer system via a USB port or some other type of connection device. Digital images of employees are great security features that you can add to any name badge or ID badge. It limits the ability of a non-employee, or an unauthorized person from using the ID.

The final items that you will need to purchase when setting up your ID badge system are supplies. You will generally need: printer ribbons, printer ink, blank card cartridges, card stock, lamination sheets and batteries. You may also need special connection cords, a tripod, data storage devices and a television monitor.

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