Brutally Honest Car Sales Tips

If you sell cars for a living and you are searching for some car sales tips you are in luck. You might not even want to hear what I have to say, but you will be better off when you get your car sales commission next week. Everybody can sell more cars and make more money, but you can’t do the same thing you have been doing and expect different results.

If you are burning through ups and complaining about the showroom traffic you might need to go into the washroom and take a look in the mirror. The top salesmen are selling cars, everybody gets in a slump now and then, but it will only serve to make you a better salesman. So suck it up and sell through the slump or look in the mirror and ask yourself why you are missing out.

Solid Car Sales Tips

Car Sales Tip #1. Are you talking too much when you should be listening? I have seen it again and again when a car salesman is getting desperate to sell a car they talk too much. They are blabbing more than they are listening and they don’t pick up on what they need to do to sell a car. You already know that the car buyer rarely tells the truth to their car salesman. I am sure you have heard the line; “If their lips are moving, they are lying”. The car buyer is afraid to spill their guts to you, so you need to listen very closely and pay attention to every word along with everything they do and how they react. Take your time and listen closely to the buyer; they will tell you how to sell them a car. It may sound simple, but this is a car sales tip that will make the difference between a weak month and a strong month.

Car Sales Tip #2. Are you a member of the Seven Car Club? Every auto dealership has a seven car club. That is where the members stand around complaining about everything under the sun and sell seven cars a month on a good month. When they finally take a fresh up they are so depressed or negative that their attitude rubs off on the customer. Turn in your member ship card to the Seven Car Club and get to work. If you don’t have anything positive to say….shut up and get on the phone. Of all the car sales tips you may have heard before this is probably the most important one to act on because who wants to buy a car from someone that is negative and depressing?

Car Sales Tip #3. Are trying too hard to sell a car? Think about that for a minute because that may be your problem if you are not selling enough cars each month. Car buyers can pick up on your desperation and desire to sell them a car. Your customer’s senses are on alert when they enter the showroom and they will pick up on the slightest sense of desperation. Relax and act as if you don’t care if they buy a car or not. Make them feel that is does not matter if they buy a car from you now. If you can make them feel that you don’t care if they buy a car from you or not they will relax. And when the car buying customer relaxes they are more likely to buy a car. Practice this car sales tip with your fresh ups and you will see a difference when you get it right.

There you go three brutally honest car sales tips so you can sell more cars and make more money. They may sound simple, but you once you learn how to efficiently use these auto sales tips for dealing with car buyers you will sell more cars. These tips come first hand from the sales floor and if you plan on being a successful car salesman you need to learn and use them to your advantage. Now go make a deal.

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