Bail Out GM and Ford – Are You Serious?

With every company and individual in America asking for a ‘bail-out’, how can corporations as large as Ford and GM be asking for bail-outs too? Truth is, most corporations are so top heavy in salaries, that they will not even consider reducing their incomes to improve the overall bottom-line of their companies, much less the economy of our nation.

If it’s a bail-out that corporations like Ford and GM want, then it’s as simple a solution as this. If the government bails you out, then you become an employee of the government. The top salary for the President of the United States is $400,000.00. No company CEO, owned by the government, via bail-out liens, should be making more than the President, therefore CEO’s should accept a salary not to exceed $400,000.00. If you wish to improve on your income, it has to come from the increase in value of your stock portfolio of your company. In other words, if your shares of stock improve, so does your income, fair enough?

Tough times calls for tough love. How much do you love your company? America’s greed and unwillingness to make the much needed cuts from the top executives has become the stalemate to our economy.

I know there are diehard fans of the unions in this country, but the unions are equally to blame for inflated salaries and fees that could be washed away in a nano-second, if employees collectively said, thanks, but no thanks. Why do we need a group of money hungry thugs, taking our hard-earned money to ‘protect us’ from our employers? If you take back what you spend on dues and out of work time for strikes, you could hire a lawyer or be able to afford to represent yourself, if the need arises.

I’m not trying to bash any particular group here, but the recession is real and so are your options. We can wallow in our side conversations about how bad the economy is or take action for ourselves.

When the U.S. corporations thought it was so wise to move operations and production abroad, what were they thinking? When you take away the work, you take away the buying power for Americans as well. What did the unions do to stop that process? It doesn’t matter that you can get the work done cheaper abroad, if the countries abroad aren’t buying as many U.S. products as we buy from them. It’s not complicated, they just want you to think that it is. If it doesn’t make sense, don’t do it. If it means scolding the top executives, so be it. No person has more than approximately 45 years at best, to earn a living. Those individuals who are hoarding salaries, equal to 500 hourly factory workers yearly income, must adjust their take-away incomes and put our country’s financial train back on track.

Let’s forego bail-outs and eliminate buy-outs. No CEO should be allowed to include a buyout clause in their contracts, irregardless of the financial status of their company. If ABC company shows considerable profits and their board of directors want to award a ‘Bonus’ that’s understandable. But if the prosperity continues to be shared only at the top-level positions of the corporations, we all fail to realize what makes the world and our economy go round.

Here’s some interesting, undisputed, historical, data for ya. In 1965 top CEO’s made 44 times the average factory worker. In 1998 that ratio jumped to 326 times the average factory worker. In 1999, another jump took place to where the top CEO’s in America were making 419 times the average factory worker. By 2007 the top 10 CEO’s earned, collectively, and I use the word ‘earned’ loosely, more than half a billion dollars in salaries. Of those top 10 CEO’s, half of them were leading companies that had dramatic decreases in earnings and profits shrank dramatically.

So, if you haven’t understood the state of our economy by now, and how messed up it is, this should speak volumes.

Enough about corporate greed in this country, let’s talk about you and me. There are options available to bail you and I out, by our own actions. Top companies have found that in order to streamline their products to only making what consumers are buying, they need to gather data from consumers directly.

In order for companies to get an accurate cross section of consumer input, they have found that surveys benefit them considerably. Think of this as a direct to the market response from buyers. To accomplish these surveys, they are paying serious money for consumers to take surveys. Would you like to make $225 in less than 60 minutes? Make your opinions count and get paid directly into your mailbox. It’s the easiest money you’ll ever make. Your own personal bail-out plan awaits!

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