Article Marketing Review – The Real Secret to Success at Free Internet Marketing

If you read the title of this article and expect to see the keywords “article marketing review” and “free internet marketing” in the first sentence or so, that already tells me 3 things about you:-

  • You’ve taken steps to learn how to become and article marketer
  • You don’t want to fail and you’re still in search of the answer
  • You know a tactic which seems to be losing its effectiveness with google

In fairness, when it comes to article marketing, these 3 points apply to most of us, but it’s disheartening each time the goalposts are moved. The main thing to remember – don’t take it personally because they’re not just your goalposts, they’re our goalposts and they will always keep moving. Now, listen to this :

We shouldn’t mind that rules keep changing!

No matter how successful you are, the playing field levels out a little more with every rule change. When this happens, just remember :

  • the changes effect everybody, not just you
  • not everyone will know how to adapt quickly, if at all
  • changes that are beyond our control make people quit
  • those that adapt will increase their chances of success

Until you have positive momentum, it is possible that the smallest of obstacles could be the final nail in the coffin for your internet marketing career. If this could be the case, you would usually feel :-

  • demotivated because it feels like one step forward and two steps back
  • deflated because you don’t know how best to adapt
  • your goal is moving away from you

Don’t let these events lead you to despair, instead, there are positives if you look for them. If we carry out our own article marketing review and are willing to change we can :

  • capitalize on these rule changes and make them work for us

If you feel that you are more inclined to roll your eyes rather that roll up your sleeves, I would guess that you don’t have 100% faith in the way you are learning and I also felt like this for a long time. It’s not an enjoyable feeling.

I don’t have personal proof that my very latest procedures will work, so I don’t want to potentially waste your time by saying what I’ve changed, but these are the perils of free internet marketing. I would advise that you keep being willing to adjust course when required and keep your mind open to new techniques.

What I do know is that you should aim to find methods from sources which you trust are genuine. Then, every ‘setback’ that comes your way has the potential to separate you from the chasing pack – all you have to do is keep going. Believing in the action you are taking is the key to success with free internet marketing and a major factor to achieve this is believing in the source of your information.

There really is room for everyone to make a significant income from article marketing and it can be a perfect springboard for bigger ideas.

In my opinion, the hardest thing to learn by a mile is the belief that you will make it work with what you’ve got available to you.

You wouldn’t feel like quitting if you were learning from people that are :

  • honest
  • accurate
  • understandable
  • successful
  • speaking to ‘you’

If your results haven’t been perfect, you’ll just keep looking for answers elsewhere – a sidewards step.

The trigger to your success is going to be your belief and I got mine before the results came because of one person.

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