Affiliate Web Site Marketing For an Internet Marketing Affiliate Program

For effective and profitable affiliate website marketing you are going to have to (duh!) get traffic to your site. But how much traffic do you need for an internet marketing affiliate program? How much traffic can you afford (if you are using pay-per-click, ezine solo ads, or other paid methods)?

First, set a target of how much money, realistically, you want to make in the next 30 to 60 days from your affiliate marketing business. Let’s just say that you decide you want to make a profit of $50 per day. What is the commission payout of the product you are promoting? Let’s just say that you are marketing a $33 product and the merchant pays you 75%, or $25. You only have to make 2 sales a day to hit your target, right? Not so fast. You have to consider how much you have to spend to get traffic to your affiliate site. Next, you need to find out the conversion rate of your chosen product. The merchant, or product publisher, should have no problem providing you with this information. Let’s say that you have found a great product to promote that consistently converts at a rate of 3%. So if you were going to gross $50 a day then you would need to get about 66 visitors to your affiliate site per day to achieve this. Sounds simple right?

It is not long after this realization that most newbies get overwhelmed with the task of creating a affiliate website marketing plan for their internet marketing affiliate program. How are you going to get 66 visitors per day to your affiliate link? Pay-per-click? Ezine solo ads? Social media with Twitter and Facebook? Video and article marketing? A blog? Social media is often touted as being the greatest thing to ever happen to internet marketing but the problem for a new person is that it takes time (meaning months and months) to build a big enough targeted contact database through social media to get any real traction. Content marketing through a blog or articles or video can pose the same issues because of the time it takes to get ranked in the search engines and the time it takes to get enough readers and viewers to generate the traffic you need to hit your targets. Don’t get me wrong, these methods are very powerful and I use them every single day, but I just think you should be forewarned that it will take time to see results using these methods.

Pay-per-click is incredibly powerful and you can get a lot of laser targeted traffic very quickly but the downside for a new person is that it can be difficult to manage. The major search engines that offer PPC advertising are strict about what they will allow in their ads and they carefully weigh factors like landing page quality score, originality of content, and keyword relevance. It will absolutely worthwhile for any affiliate marketer to master the art of pay-per-click for an internet marketing affiliate program, but again, this will take time.

Probably the best way for a newbie to get some quick, easy, and inexpensive traffic is to use advertise with an ezine solo ad or a viral list builder. These two things are functionally the same. List owners have a list of people who have opted in and agreed to receive emails from other subscribers on the list or from someone who pays to send out one email to this list. An ezine solo ad is a single email that the marketer pays a one time fee to send out to members of this list. With viral list builder services, you would basically pay a higher fee to join for a period of 6 to 12 months but you would be able to mail to, for example, 5,000 people on the list twice a week. The publisher of your chosen internet marketing affiliate program should provide you will sample emails to use here. But before buying a solo ad or paying to advertise with a viral list builder with any vendor, join that vendors list and monitor how many of the emails sent from that vendor wind up in your spam folder. If only a few of them do, then it may be a worthwhile list to use for your affiliate website marketing.

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