Affiliate Internet Marketing Tip of the Day

Today’s affiliate internet marketing tip is how to find an affiliate product to sell in ClickBank. First you have to go to a website called It is a very helpful searchable database for all ClickBank products. You can find all basic details for what is hot and what is not.

Once you are at the site then go to the search box and select the top 10 in dropdown box then select your category or type in a keyword. Next you pick your desired payout. I usually go for anything over 20 bucks per sale. Sort by gravity or popularity, whichever you desire. You can also if you like choose to offer something with a recurring bill. Now search. Spend some time and play with this site as it is a wonderful tool and saves a ton of time for you.

Now you have a list of the best performing ClickBank products for your niche. Then we will look through them and see which one is best. You want to make sure you are selling what you believe to be the very best solution to the consumers problem. Just remember if you would not buy it they will not either.

What we are looking for in our product is a high payout with a product that is actually selling right now. We will also look at the affiliate tools that the merchant provides for our use. Most all affiliate products on ClickBank will have some good tools for you, you want to make sure they offer banners for you, email copy, maybe a few articles and a press release or two. If we get really lucky they will have keywords list for us. This will be very helpful when we search for the all important long tailed keywords we wrap our site around. Some products will have more and others less.

Here is another great affiliate internet marketing tip; there is almost always multiple products for each niche so find the one with the very best resources and use those same resources to promote the best product even if it is not the one with all the tools.

So there you go; here is a recap and a game plan. Go to and filter search results to give you the cream of the crop products related to your niche. Evaluate the affiliate products carefully and choose one you would actually buy. Take full advantage of all the free resources provided by the product creator. Mix and match for best results.

Now you are ready to use this affiliate internet marketing tip and market your hot new product to the World Wide Web

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